Many of our customers have requested that we post our frequently asked questions for all to see. The consensus is that seeing an overview of a company's basic business practices before actually calling will make the search for entertainment more efficient.



Do you offer a free no obligation consultation?
Of Course!
Call us 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday to speak to our customer care representative, they will answer any questions you may have regarding our services and package options. There is no high pressure here, no tricks, no gimmicks, just the willingness to answer all your questions, so you can make an informed decision, when ití comes time to hire a DJ entertainment company.

Can we pick our own DJ?
Sure! You can pick your own DJ by reading their Bios on our website or take our recommendation. Either way you will have the opportunity talk with your DJ by phone and in person. A conference call or meeting can be arranged so you can talk directly with the DJ of your choice. An in person meeting can be held at the reception venue where your event is going to be hosted or a coffee shop near you.

Do you accept all jobs?
No. If we cannot accommodate an event because we do not have the appropriate DJ, equipment or if all of our DJs are already booked, we will refer you to another DJ company.

Is your company licensed?
Absolutely. Vegas DJ Entertainment is licensed with Clark County, Nevada (License # 2000040.568)

Is your company insured?
But Of Course. We are Insured for $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 General Aggregate.

How much do your DJ services cost?
All events are priced accordingly. The date of your event, location and distance we have to travel, DJ you select, sound and lighting equipment desired determines cost.

Do you provide Contractual Agreement?
Once we have agreed on the date, time, staff, equipment and services for your event, a Contractual Agreement will be prepared and presented to you for your approval. It will contain all obligations and expectations of both parties and be written in easy to read English language to avoid misinterpretation. Our suggestion is to always get it in writing!

Is a deposit required to reserve your services?
$150 is the minimum amount required to reserve the DJ of your choice for the date of your event.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
1) If customer cancels within 24 of booking, all monies including depost are 100% refundable. 2) Cancellation after the 24 hour cooling period results in a non-refundable deposit
When Is the Balance Due for our event?
Balance is due three (3) weeks prior to the engagement date by check, money order or credit card. Corporate Clients may make special arrangements with Vegas DJ Entertainment to pay a Deposit of 1/2 of the total Balance Due then the remaining balance by Corporate check on the engagement day. .

How do you appoint DJs to your employment?
With Great Consideration!
A Celebrationís successful is based on hiring the most professional DJ/Emcee. We do not try to make DJs out of our friends, neighbors and relatives nor do we try to clone our DJs to be identical, hindering their individual talents. We only hire people that already possess unique DJ abilities, outgoing personalities and a history of flawless performances. You can rest assured that our DJ/Emcees are interviewed thoroughly, auditioned and trained of our guidelines prior to performing at any event.

Do You Take Breaks? If So, How Long Are They?
Unlike bands, our DJs do not normally need to take hourly breaks. If the DJ should need to step away from his or her DJ console, it would only be for a few minutes. Appropriate music would be programmed so that there will not be any interruption in the flow of the event.

Do Your DJs Expect A Meal?
While it is a generous gesture to offer to feed your DJ, it can become awkward. In many cases the DJ will need to emcee at the precise time that they receive their food. Our DJs do not expect to be fed, it is your choice to offer a meal. Our suggestion to the DJ is to eat a hearty meal before the job assignment.

Will there be a charge for set up time?

Usually Not. Most events do not have an equipment set up charge. An example for a situation where we would charge for set up is: 1) If your event is very large and requires extra equipment, additional stage hands, etc.... 2) The stage area has extremely awkward access and takes many hours to set up equipment. 3) If extra early set up is required due to the room not being available because of another event held before our performance.

Will you exhibit your company banner at our event?
Positively Not!
Our DJs are not there to promote our company or themselves and it is strictly prohibited according to our company rules. Tacky banners and signs are distractions and are not allowed. If a guest should request a business card during the DJís performance he/she will discreetly give them one.


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