Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers have been asking our frequently asked questions to be made public. They believe that having a glimpse into a company's basic business practices before contacting them will make the process of finding entertainment more efficient.

  1. How long has Vegas DJ Entertainment been in business? We established our business in 1991.

  2. What kind of business are you? We are an entertainment/talent referral service.

  3. Do you offer a personalized consultation? Yes, call us anytime from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday for a personalized consultation.

  4. What kind of talent do you have on your website? We only promote individuals and groups that already possess unique talent, skills, and a history of outstanding performances.

  5. How did you acquire the talent on your website? You can rest assured the talent has been thoroughly interviewed, auditioned, and seen in action before them being available on our roster.

  6. Can we interview talent before booking them? Yes. You will be able to talk to the talent we refer/recommend to you directly.

  7. Can I pick the talent I want to interview? Yes, if you like a talent that you see on our website, we can refer them to you.

  8. Can you recommend talent to me? Sure, we can recommend the talent we think would be the best for your event.

  9. Do I have to sign a contract with Vegas DJ Entertainment? No, we will only send you the referral or recommendation. If you choose to book any of these talents, you will make a contract with them.

  10. How much do you charge for the referrals you provide? Zilch, we will not charge you for any of the referrals we send you.

  11. How soon should I start looking for entertainment? Usually between 6 months to a year before your event is recommended.

  12. What is the latest I can start looking for entertainment? No less than 60 days before your event is recommended.

  13. Do you accept last-minute inquiries? Of course, we will do our best to hook you up with some great entertainers or talent. Just be aware that most talents are already booked by then.

  14. What types of events can you accommodate? Wedding ceremonies and receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, company picnics, holiday parties, anniversaries, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, trade shows, and conventions, TV commercials, and fund raisers..